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ELI Subscription Pricing

Are you looking for a convenient way to expand your event and meeting planning knowledge, earn CMP credits, and continue your professional development? If so, ELI’s subscription service is for you.

Why sign up?

  • Earn Clock Hours to take your CMP exam
  • Maintain your CMP Clock Hours for recertification
  • Learn from experienced and reputable industry leaders
  • Easy and convenient way to get a little smarter and better at your job each day
  • Continuously improve your resume to work towards achieving your dream role or promotion
  • No stress about keeping up on class work – you can pick up where you left off at anytime and learn when it’s most convenient for you

Did you know? 94% of our members are satisfied with ELI’s subscription service!

A Closer Look at the Subscription Benefits

Want to learn a bit more about each of the benefits you’ll receive with your ELI subscription? Keep reading.

Unlimited Access to ELI’s On-demand Video Library

Our Netflix-style video class library consists of over 150 video classes covering a wide array of topics including planning and logistics, business and sales, creativity and design, strategy and ROI, technical production, careers, and venues and destinations. We also have a wide selection of convenient video classes that you can earn CMP credits for watching! Click here to browse our video library.

Priority Access to Members-only Webinars

We provide our members priority access to some of the top minds in the industry during our Event Leader Q&A webinars, which provide you the opportunity to participate in an intimate webinar with an industry leader and ask them questions using your microphone. Click here to check out our upcoming webinars. As a member, you also benefit from being able to watch recordings of past webinars.

Access to All Maverick Series Interviews

The Maverick Series features interviews with top-notch event leaders who share their experiences and insights. With your subscription, you’ll gain unlimited access to all the interview videos. Click here to preview all Maverick Series Interviews.

Unlimited Access to White Papers and eBooks

Our White Paper and eBook collection is a great learning resource whether you’re new to the industry or looking to expand your knowledge into new areas. Click here to preview.

20% Off ELI’s Professional Development Courses

In addition to ELI’s subscription service, we also offer Professional Development Courses which are structured online courses lead by an instructor. Some courses offer the opportunity to earn a certification at the end. Also, certain courses even offer CMP credits. As a member, you’ll receive 20% off all of our Professional Development Courses! Click here to check out our PDCs.

What do members have to say about ELI’s subscription service?

“ELI provided me with the information I needed to grow my career in the events industry. Their insightful courses helped me and my team “up our game” and brought new ideas to the table to improve our efficiency and effectiveness.” 
Josh Hoefakker, SPIE

“The ELI team has done an amazing job creating content that is bite size in emails to remind us of the basics but also great trend videos that makes it easy for me to catch up while on the road or when I get some downtime. The experts truly want us to succeed and share their knowledge down to the tiniest detail.” 
Idelisa Benjamin, Flawless Moments

“As a busy non-profit event planner, ELI’s on-demand platform provides me with the latest trends, technology and important training modules needed to keep me abreast of trends within the industry and beyond my local borders, all at my fingertips. The on demand webinars are helpful when I need to fulfill my continuing education requirements.” 
Tiffany Kohl, BILD

“ELI Courses are really great value and cover a wide range of topics. The presenters are very knowledgeable and relatable and at the very least I feel much more well equipped to handle all the variables that can arise during an event. Event planners wear so many different hats and these courses have given me the confidence and tools to be successful in the areas I may not have been so strong in.” 
Tricia Clarke, Crave Culture Events

“ELI has been a great continuing education resource to me as I grow in my career. My employer pays for my subscription and I can read articles and participate in the video classes while at work. It’s been a great value and has helped me stay involved and growing in my industry knowledge.” 
Marsa Musha, Duke University

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